Hi,I am a 55 year old male,I above all else purse to be as high a self-actualized person as I can be. I love Art..the teaching of Art(I believe aside from teaching the basic’s of math,language,science..Art/Creativity/Being Human..should be the number one focus in grades 1-12…the student then best have the insight in which Life Goal is best suited for themselves….I try to embody this Idea as best I can daily”“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”
― Stephen Grellet………………………… (I have been celibate since 2005,except for masturbating) I great interest in the Polyamory relationship..my own experinces are limited to MMF type triad situation,the meaning of cuckold, in regards to my on self

After a failed marriage due to my obsession with wanting my wife to cuckold me

Many years simply just thinking, I simply must be gay..so exploring that type of sexuality,only to find out,,I don’t fit that mold

How cuckoldry goes against all laws of nature,and can only lead to chaos(lies,playing games,obsessions, and simply the selfish act of it.

I idealize a “Queen Concept”..(that the Female is superior is she is Self-Actualized to high degree,I feel the male “Ego”,,hinders the male in current society..for at this time to truly make policy effectly.In my idea of the “Terrace” one has to embody the idea both William and Michael completely hold Jodi’s authority above theirs (for example even though William sleeps with her and it is not Michaels role to have sex with her,,if she wants him to that is what is done(this is why Jodi has to be very highly self-actualized)

Wasting a good part of my adult life,due to not figuring my problem out,thus becoming a chronic alcoholic,,which lead to two years of in-patient rehab.

I truly believe for myself any how,,if it where not for the two years of therapy,I would have died

I see the cuckoldry as simply away of not facing the truth,and that as human beings we must stay within the rules of Nature,,or it will cause us great pain

I know now that I am 100% fem-male..I don’t at all consider myself homo-sexual or even bi-sexual,,I just call myself half male/half female..I think mental..I am much more female,,as I prefer having a man’s cock in me(the man I want though has to be of a type that would be well on his way to “self-actualized”..I realized how difficult it is to reveal-self publicly…..and say things like or admit,”yeah I love to suck cock and at same time “I love to perform “cunnilingus”on a lady…yet at the same time say I want a man whom can copulate me as though I where a” lady”..metaphorically…(I have “no” desire to have my cock in a lady,however I love women,,love pleasing them by.”cunnilingus”..I love seeing beautiful women ).I in reality ,,have not been sexually with anyone in about 12 years..nore have sought to be,as my main focus has been,journey of “self-actualization” or what Albert Einstein called: “Liberation from Self”




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