In a “Triad” male,female and male polyamory type ,monogamy relationship is there a need for a Alpha male,Alpha female,thus the other male remains a beta type?

In my comparing humans to the wolf pack,,I think this might be needed especially with children involved

When I personally idealize for myself the ideal polyamory relationship,with each of it’s individuals completely ,honestly dedicated to the good for all,all needs to be met equally..we can greatly learn from the hierarchy of the Wolf pack ( pack)

I personally could adapt to the role of beta male role at this point in my life,we needs have been met,I have my male to take care of as my female to care for.

I have my belonging which is as safe as can be

If the Alpha male and female had a child,I would very much like taking part in it’s raising,teaching and stay home permanently with the child

sexually at this point,I would desire only he “Top” me bare-back ,in her presents,,which would define to myself my role and to us all our mutual commiment

My relationship with her would be non-sexual yet,kissing,holding,comforting would be needed,again to show the bond between male and female.

The dynamic’s of a polyamory type mmf ,triad relationship

My first encounter with anything of this nature was back in 1980’s when married

I want to say now,,that if a guy reading this,thinks he fits the profile of being a “Cuckold” please watch Dr.Dawn Michael’s you-tube video’s on the subject….video’s

I willingly encouraged my then wife to be with another man,she and I where young..we had experimented with being in same room with another couple(m/f) yet no sexual contact with them.

I know I didn’t realize why it was so erotic to myself..(I at that time never even heard of the term “cuckold”) yet that is what I soon would become.

I was so needing her to do this,I bought her sexy clothes,for her to wear with her soon to be lover.

She already had someone that was interested in her,so that was the easy part,all she had to do is say “yes” to him.

article Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals

Soon she had her first date with him,I acted like I had become her best girlfriend,,I could wait til she got home,,so she could get me the details of her encounter.

She did that,,exact details,..I remember thinking to myself,and even asking her then,”was he bigger,better etc.(and in all reality wishing she would say “yes” he is the best!

She did say that he was the best,,and she really wanted to keep seeing him.

I didn’t realize it then,,but I was becoming ….a sissy..feminization the process was beginning.

The idea of her using a strap-on..on me started me wanting that.

Bear in mind, at this time there was no such thing as the “internet”,,so no way of researching what was going through my mind,,I had read Nancy Friday’s books, Men in Love related to me(as I did relate to being with a man sexually).

Needless to say,,I basically sabotaged our marriage..we divorced within a few years.

I hope if someone reads this,it may educate them,,to seek knowledge of polyamory,gender etc,  as I would remain in chao’s for quite a few years..not understanding.

Questions to myself still remained,..why was I not jealous when she cuckolded me,why did it turn me on so much?,,why did the idea of me being fem turn me on?

I very much don’t blame her for what occurred,which I may have at first.

A post I made on another site about being a cuckold called swingers delight

A video by  Dr.Dawn Michael on you-tube

A post at


How might cuckoldry lead to idea of a MMF “Triad” polyamory type relationship

One interesting idea I came upon is “gaduated exposure therapy”

I remember thinking thoughts that seem highly related to this idea,such as,,she needs someone better then me,so the kids will properly be taken care of.

self-sabotage…I often asked myself what am I doing,?I will ruin our though I was trying to push her away!

I remember thinking if it was though I was seeing from a one way mirror,(I could see her and the kids doing well.I was in though I was setting her up in a relationship,that would assure all their’s well being.yet at the same time I would lose our relationship)

A site on Systematic Desensitization…


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