In a “Triad” male,female and male polyamory type ,monogamy relationship is there a need for a Alpha male,Alpha female,thus the other male remains a beta type?

In my comparing humans to the wolf pack,,I think this might be needed especially with children involved

When I personally idealize for myself the ideal polyamory relationship,with each of it’s individuals completely ,honestly dedicated to the good for all,all needs to be met equally..we can greatly learn from the hierarchy of the Wolf pack ( pack)

I personally could adapt to the role of beta male role at this point in my life,we needs have been met,I have my male to take care of as my female to care for.

I have my belonging which is as safe as can be

If the Alpha male and female had a child,I would very much like taking part in it’s raising,teaching and stay home permanently with the child

sexually at this point,I would desire only he “Top” me bare-back ,in her presents,,which would define to myself my role and to us all our mutual commiment

My relationship with her would be non-sexual yet,kissing,holding,comforting would be needed,again to show the bond between male and female.


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