The dynamic’s of a polyamory type mmf ,triad relationship

My first encounter with anything of this nature was back in 1980’s when married

I want to say now,,that if a guy reading this,thinks he fits the profile of being a “Cuckold” please watch Dr.Dawn Michael’s you-tube video’s on the subject….video’s

I willingly encouraged my then wife to be with another man,she and I where young..we had experimented with being in same room with another couple(m/f) yet no sexual contact with them.

I know I didn’t realize why it was so erotic to myself..(I at that time never even heard of the term “cuckold”) yet that is what I soon would become.

I was so needing her to do this,I bought her sexy clothes,for her to wear with her soon to be lover.

She already had someone that was interested in her,so that was the easy part,all she had to do is say “yes” to him.

article Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals

Soon she had her first date with him,I acted like I had become her best girlfriend,,I could wait til she got home,,so she could get me the details of her encounter.

She did that,,exact details,..I remember thinking to myself,and even asking her then,”was he bigger,better etc.(and in all reality wishing she would say “yes” he is the best!

She did say that he was the best,,and she really wanted to keep seeing him.

I didn’t realize it then,,but I was becoming ….a sissy..feminization the process was beginning.

The idea of her using a strap-on..on me started me wanting that.

Bear in mind, at this time there was no such thing as the “internet”,,so no way of researching what was going through my mind,,I had read Nancy Friday’s books, Men in Love related to me(as I did relate to being with a man sexually).

Needless to say,,I basically sabotaged our marriage..we divorced within a few years.

I hope if someone reads this,it may educate them,,to seek knowledge of polyamory,gender etc,  as I would remain in chao’s for quite a few years..not understanding.

Questions to myself still remained,..why was I not jealous when she cuckolded me,why did it turn me on so much?,,why did the idea of me being fem turn me on?

I very much don’t blame her for what occurred,which I may have at first.

A post I made on another site about being a cuckold called swingers delight

A video by  Dr.Dawn Michael on you-tube

A post at



10 thoughts on “The dynamic’s of a polyamory type mmf ,triad relationship

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    1. good question,,I be pondering…rationally(objective),,,I think ,,yes…..yet personally(subjective) would have erotism aspect to me,,yet the relationship,I describe is more aimed at me as a fem-male…the other male would most likely be straight yet allow me to perform “Fellatio” on him,as top me(copulate me,,climax inside me,,though fantasy,,I imagine being breed as female)


  1. This is an interesting introduction to the psychological aspects of #cuckolding…an area that many are in the dark about. While an mmf poly relationship could also have elements of cuckolding, it isn’t a requisite condition.
    From my “bartender” experience (not as a sex therapist as I only do substance abuse psych for work), polyamory invariably has sexual disparities and the accompanying emotions such as jealousy and cuckoldry.
    The links you list provide insights into both emotions. It’s a good subject to ponder.
    I’ve dated couples who wanted a third for swinging and have felt some of those emotions.
    Dr.Dawn Michael had one insight that’s worth repeating: Guys want to tell her about their cuckold fetish…but they dn’t want to be cured!
    An excellent post and much food for thought!


    1. Hi,I am very happy someone like yourself(self-aware,wanting to see world in reality,,as myself)..may benefit from my pondering’s…I do believe..cuckolding is a sign,,of needing must more,,as trust,(need to over-come jealous maybe)..I personally..came to realize.I am of T-Girl type person..very much for me,,a reality would be to seek another T-girl for just a two person relationship(where we both view each other as half male,half female),,just as people…a question to myself is “could I play the male role,,as I sexual relate as female(I have never topped a man,,nor have the desire to be in the male role with a female,though can play say a female role(lesbian) with a female…if make sense


    2. Maybe being cured,is being like myself..”becoming aware of one’s self,,knowing I am a fem-male. I wonder if one is realistic….and rational,seeing cuckolding is a dangerous game..and very good chance of losing their mate,,,or maybe they wish to lose their mate?(I think I may of sub-cons)


    3. if one looks at all the guys I was seeing(most where either married or claimed to be straight,,of the married guys,most claimed their wives knew and where in-threatened,,due to I was fem,,yet male body..alot of experimenting going on!..I think if I was a guy whom wanted to see his wife with another man…I would seek out someone like myself,,whom is non-threating,,he could be with them,,not setting at home wondering!!!(like myself,I could sexually please them both if they both agreed)


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