Hi,I am a 55 year old male whom has great interest in the Polyamory relationship..my own experinces are limited to MMF type triad situtations.

After a failed marriage due to my obsession with wanting my wife to cuckold me

Many years simply just thinking, I simply must be gay..so exploring that type of sexuality,only to find out,,I don’t fit that mold

How cuckoldry goes against all laws of nature,and can only lead to chaos(lies,playing games,obsessions, and simply the selfish act of it.

Wasting a good part of my adult life,due to not figuring my problem out,thus becoming a chronic alcoholic,,which lead to two years of in-patient rehab.

I truly believe for myself any how,,if it where not for the two years of therapy,I would have died

I see the cuckoldry as simply away of not facing the truth,and that as human beings we must stay within the rules of Nature,,or it will cause us great pain

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